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     Track shoes for sprinters are unique. Sprinters stay on their toes, literally. The short sprints should be entirely on the toes. The body of the sprinters shoe should be like a second skin with spikes at the balls of the feet for traction. The long sprints might need some heel protection.

     The shorter distance sprinter is constantly accelerating. The sprinters track shoe takes more stress and abuse in a few seconds than most other running shoes take in an hour. Sprinting shoes have to be incredibly tough, but still light as a feather.

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     The new technical materials make great track spikes (they once used kangaroo hide, a little history lesson). Seems like you could toss them in the air and a slight breeze could carry them away. Well, this makes a sprinter smile.

     Sprinting track spikes are really designed for competition only. When you get them, test them out. Better to discover any problems before race day. Use them once in awhile during practice, but only for racing. Get your sprinting shoes broken in right.

     Sprinting is the basis of many different sports. In order to sprint, you must be in top condition. Every muscle must work with every other part. Obviously, the legs are the most important. The core and even your arms need strength and move correctly. We need to have the best sprinting exercise in order to run our fastest.

     Sprinting requires all the muscles in the legs. This includes the sideways muscles as well as the forward muscles. They all work in unison to propel you down the track as fast as possible. It requires hopping muscles. It requires landing muscles. It even requires keeping from falling down muscles. If any one of these muscles fail, you won't sprint as fast, or worse, you get an injury.

     Increase your sprinting speed by training correctly. Use warm up/cool down techniques to get the best performance from your body. Get the most out of your body by fueling up with an excellent sprinters diet plan.

     If you are truly ready to sprint, you are ready for just about any sport. This is why we need speed and agility workouts as part of our sprint training (100m - 400m).

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